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    Live Streaming For Business

    I know that learning how to live stream is hard... There are soooo many cameras, capture cards, mixers and other piece of equipment - it's really difficult to choose something.

    There are also dozens of live streaming platforms like LinkedIn LIVE, Facebook LIVE, YouTube LIVE, Periscope, Instagram LIVE, and you probably don't have time to test everything.

    Don't worry - I will help you!

    I will teach you: What gear to choose? What platforms are the best? How to connect everything together? How to avoid common issues like video buffering?

    I'll be giving away ALL of our secrets from producing our weekly LIVE stream series!

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    Presenting With Confidence

    Most people are afraid of speaking in public (and virtually for that matter), but effective oral communication is a key skill in business. Andrew Moon provides simple communication tools, strategies, and tips that are easy to use and produce immediate results. He'll help you sound more confident, use body and language to better express ideas, and overcome anxiety. In the last chapter of the course, all these concepts are brought together in two real-world coaching exercises that will help you see the techniques in action.

    Learning objectives

    • Organizing your thoughts
    • Speaking slowly, naturally, and confidently
    • Breathing properly
    • Using your body to reinforce speech
    • Managing facial expressions
    • Handling nervousness
    • Voice modulation, eye contact, and gestures
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    The $563/seat MSP Blueprint

    This Backstage Pass workshop will help you cut through the clutter and crap and tell me to ignore all the "guru" stuff being passed around, and do just one thing!

    Yep, just one thing...take fanatical care of our best customers, and let all the pain in butt, deadbeat clients go. (Yeah, I know you have them)

    When I finally came to that realization, and DID something about it, everything changed dramatically.

    In this workshop, I'll tell you about one of our best clients in my last tech company. They were our most happy and least troublesome client.

    As it turns out, they were also our most profitable.  Yep, to the tune of $563/seat.  I'll breakdown exactly HOW we did that.

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    The $6-figure MSP Sales Presentation

    One of our dedicated members, Ernest Murray of Genuine Technology Group, teaches us how to deliver a 6-figure MSP sales presentation. He recently closed a $9,000/month MRR deal, in the middle of a global pandemic. Thank you Ernest for your valuable contribution to our hard-working members.

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    The LinkedIn® Advantage

    LinkedIn® is more than just a platform for you to showcase your own professional achievements and updates. With over 700 million members, LinkedIn® is also a hugely valuable space for business owners to maximize their exposure and reach, as well as spark new sales conversations with professionals of all stripes. In this course, join instructor Andrew Moon as he shows how to market your small, medium, or solo business on LinkedIn®. Get tips for sprucing up your personal profile; building an effective company page that’s optimized for search; creating a smart content strategy; crafting high-quality, sharable posts; and more.

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    The Lunch N Learn Blueprint

    There's no such thing as a free lunch, but for clients and prospects, "lunch and learn" events come close!

    These informal training or development sessions take place while you eat, and in return for their time and participation, your company picks up the check.

    In this course, we explore how this approach can increase engagement and motivate people to learn more about your products or services in a relaxed environment. This training course is packed full of tips for running successful lunch and learns that benefit everyone.

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