September 16, 2020: LinkedIn Live


✳️  Ever since the Industrial Revolution, our work has been mostly based on a straightforward equation: the more hours we put in, the more work we get done, and the more we get paid. But while this relation between the length of our workdays, our pay and output made sense during the times when most people worked in factories, our economies have since gone a long way.  On this broadcast, we talk about how the concept of the workday has been evolving over the last few years, and how the speed of change has been accelerated with the events of 2020.  Is it time to channel the channel on the workday?

✳️   Focus on 1 thing
✳️ Orange Spotlight: Litres of Light (
✳️ I’m here to answer any of your burning questions. If we didn’t cover them LIVE, drop them in the comments, and we’ll cover them on a future broadcast.

As always, thanks for watching….

Stay humble and kind, and #DoWhatIsNecessary 

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